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It feels like smart watches are the new thing when it comes to technology innovations, but they have actually been around for quite some time. In 2000 IBM introduced the IBM with what you might call “smart watch features,” such as a touch display, fingerprint sensor and calendar software. This first smart watch didn’t have anything to do with connecting to a smart phone of course, in fact, smartphones had yet to be invented for the most part. But how times have changed. Today’s smart watches are basically an extension to a smart phone. In fact, forecasts for wearable tech sales are set to more than double by 2018. Making up only 2% of the wearables market in 2013, analysis predict this will grow to over 17% this year alone.

The Apple watch, despite being launched at the end of April, will likely claim 54.8% of the smart watch market this year. The big question remains: Will smart watches become a part of our everyday life or will they simply be another “toy” for techies and early adopters? Apple has definitely changed the smart phone market and tablet market, and we are excited to see how they and other companies might transform the smart watch market moving forward.


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